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    Thanks to BiscuitBee for pointing this one out. It actually appeared between Nintety Nine Nights 2 and crackdown.

    Region locked US only (Japanese only release also exists)

    The Japanese release hit in early 2009 (we have since seen a Japanese only sequel last month), one of Cave's side scrolling near bullet hell shooters and for those not in the know the company deals pretty much exclusively in high grade shooters.
    In many ways this title has been slightly eclipsed by some of their later efforts (some of which are actually region free) and some did not get along too well with the gothic horror theme but those with a US region locked 360 that like shooters will find this is worth a look in at least.
    The official release seems only to be available as a limited edition where it comes with a fancy faceplate and audio CD.
    Some gameplay from the Japanese release.

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    The first Cave game to get a released in the US! Well, except for an iPhone release of Espgaluda II.

    Anyways, picked up my Limited Edition yesterday. It comes with the game, fancy rectangular box, faceplate, and a soundtrack for $50!

    Needless to say, this game is goddamn fantastic. Easily one of the best bullet hell shooters.