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    Nov 22, 2007
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    I have been using a 4Gb unit for the past 12 months. I have been a regular visitor of the DS-X Official Forums since the release of the 16Gb unit. I have witnessed the abusive threads that followed the unit’s release until 1.1.2 came along. What currently strikes me, is the judgmental attitude moderators have been roaming the forum with. In the past five months, the mood has shifted from an extreme to the other. Obviously, rules are important. But one can set all the rules he wants and try forcing customers to follow them, there is a point at which other avenues become more appealing. I have reached that point.

    Something is wrong with the DS-X project. My humble guess is that it started out with a team of well intended young entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, they have pushed expectations way too high, not living up to their current customers’ hopes. The DS-Xtreme is a good cartridge, but it simply is too expensive for what it has to offer. The reality is that the competition is now offering similar or better product at a lower price.

    I recently came across the G6 DS. It has an appealing multilingual GUI; has great usability (no client software required) for adding and removing apps; works as a complete unit (no separate memory cart); relies on frequent and easy upgrades; has good compatibility and it can be purchased at a decent price. To sum it up, I am now parting with my DS-Xtreme and wish you all good luck in your quest for the next upgrade.

    P.S.: This comment was also posted on DS-X Official Forums. I doubt it will remain there very long.

    P.P.S.: I went back to check out the DS-X Official Forums about 15 minutes after I posted my comment and it had already been removed.
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    Nov 28, 2006
    Welcome aboard the G6DS Real :X
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    Thats true, I guess by now it has been removed.

    In any case, I totally agree, but that's nothing new, and saddly peope is starting to see this and getting away from both the forum AND the product.
    Personally the DS-X is the first slot-1 solution I got and it has served me well, BUT I also got recently an EZV and a Cyclo Evo, I lend the DS-X to my cousin and lately no new games are currently supported without proper patching, I do not regret having paid 130USD for it, because for what I played on it, it was worth it, at least at the time, now, I would NEVER get that cart again, and most likely nothing from that same team, you are right, their attitude is not only intrusive but also unfair with people that were trusting on them.
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    Wholeheartedly agreed. We've got yet another thread on the official forums from people BEGGING for any kind of update on what the team has been doing since July, and for some strange reason the team doesn't want to answer. Probably because they have nothing to show. 2007 was a wasted year for the DS-X: we had a firmware release so horrible that a retro-patch had to be released to return to the previous version. That was June or July... being told "we aren't allowed to tell you anything, just be patient" and "Anyone who objects to the team not doing their jobs must be a troll or spammer" gets old after months of waiting... I feel the same way you do about the team's unfairness to their customers. If every other flash cart maker released an ARM7 fix within 3 hours of Zelda DS-JPN, I don't think DS-X is being "rushed" to accomplish something for the past 4 months that everyone else did in 3 hours...
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    This doesn't surprise me one bit, removing free speech that simply doesn't agree with the way they operate is very childish. Imagine if every site did that, they'd all be bare to the bone!

    The DS-X team actually asked us not help DS-X owners out here as they wanted them to use their site's forums for help and support. We didn't agree and they actually sent us some aweful emails saying that they would void the warranty on anyone with a DS-X that came to GBATemp. Obviously they couldn't possibly enforce that, but it's another clear example of the kind of people the DS-X team are.
    Best to stick with M3 Simply/Real, R4 and of course G6 Lite (put G6 last as I've had roblems with mine lol), the best carts with a nice talented team to support them.
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    People here at GBATemp (and the DS-X forums if you were quick enough to read my posts before they went down the memory hole) would know how I stand on this issue. I am very pleased with Team Cyclops and my CycloEvo. DS-X was great for a few months, until the mood turned from kinda weird to absolutely ridiculous in the span of a few weeks. I hope DS-X will serve as an example to flash cart producers and owners alike on what NOT to do.

    First to market, stagnates, puts down their own userbase, ... Fail?