Deal or no Deal v1.01

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    Deal or no Deal v1.01

    Now with online leaderboards

    Robert Durbin rolls an update to Deal or No Deal. This releases adds an internet leaderboard for top 10 players .

    The Game:

    Basically you choose between 26 cases, than you start eliminate other cases. Perioidically you are given deals by a banker. You can choose to take the deal and see what was in your case. If you choose not to take the deal you eliminate more cases til you get to the last 2 cases. Your case and another one. At this point you can keep your case or trade for the other one. The game also keeps track on your previous deals. Its a real simple game but pretty fun to play and of course the cases are different each time you play


    • Added an internet highscore table for top 10 players
    • rewrote the code a lil bit to take less space and faster
    [​IMG] Deal or No Deal ver 1.01

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    Does GBAtemp host the online leaderboard like they host the game servers for another homebrew game?
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    no i host the leaderboards myself, its a vb program i wrote that uses winsock, so far there leaderboards for press your luck and deal or no deal, my yahtzee game will soon have one as well
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    Great game I love the show and I love this game thanks for your work.