Dead DS (classic, not Lite)

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    I have a V.7 flashed DS that has been working normaly for about 2-3 months. One night I put it to recharge, and the other day it was just not turning one. When I plug the AC adapter on the wall and plug it on DS, the recharge LED blink for about 0.5 sec, a quite sound noises from the speaker and nothing more happens.

    I already exchanged the battery and AC adapter with a non-flashed DS of a friend but it still did not work :'(

    Does anyone have any idea? Should it have anything with the fact it's flashed?

    Hope someone give me a light... [​IMG]
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    Apr 4, 2006
    Well, if it has been working normally I don't think it's the flashing. I think it's something else. Maybe you dropped it, or something...
    The Flashme has a built-in firmware reovery option, in case of malware. Look into that, maybe that can help. If it doesn't, I think it's a hardware fault.

    It's still under warranty, right? Try returning it, and mum on the flashing [​IMG]
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    Well try to contact nintendo about the problem. Try to get it replaced.

    You can also ask bitblt:

    He is running a DS/DSL recovery service. He buys broken/bricked DS systems and repairs them for others. Seems to be pretty successful. I don't think he's really making any money doing it, more of a hobby, I think he charges $10+shipping. Anyways send him a message, he will probably at least have an idea about what is broken with your DS and see if its worth fixing.
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    Well, there is always the infini-return option at Wal-Mart if you kept the original packaging for it. Of course, that option is a bit dishonest...........V0.7 flashed? Nevermind. Return it to Wal-mart. [​IMG]