DBZ attack of the sayans SAV Request :)

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  1. MattyyR

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    May 2, 2009
    I was just wondering, does anyone have a DBZ attack of the sayans / saiyans Sav file that they'd be willing to spare for me?
    For some reason my data corrupted.
    Anywhere from Gohan being trained by Piccolo, to Goku being brought to Earth to help hunt for the Dragon Balls Would be absolutely awesome thanks [​IMG]
    Or... Anywhere around there [​IMG]
    (E) Or (U) Doesn't make a difference.

    Please can someone upload? I've spent hours on mine and it'd be kinda irritating to have to do it again.
    I can't just leave it, i got addicted [​IMG]

    Thanks if you can spare it [​IMG]