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    Well yeah just watched the 3D version of Daybreakers and even thaught the 3D effect was like there was noone (^^V) it was still a really really good movie !

    I am only partially into Vampire movies cuz my mother is a complete sucker for this kind of stuff and sometimes I just had to watch some movies with her -.-
    still I watched this one on my own free will all alone and it was nice, something new between all these Vampire movies where the Vampire are the "hidden" ones that try not to be found out.
    and other than alle these newer "vampires can go in the sun and have no weakness at all" movies this is at least from the background like all the old ones with no sun and dieing when put a flok (is that the english word as well oO?) is put trough their heart ....

    In Daybreakers they tell the Story of a World where Vampires are not Hidden anymore its more the opposite around, the humans are in hiding while the Vampire rule the world.
    There are still Vampire who do not want to suck blood but if they do not drink for to much time instead if just dieing they "transform" and become some sort of wild monster with a big bloodlust.
    Due to most Humans beeing transformed into Vampire they soon feel the lack of blood and need some sort of artifacial blood made which is not as easy as hoped.

    You could say the story is around politicians and corruption just with Vampires instead of Human ^^

    P.S. nothing for lil kids ! there is much blood involved in that movie (at least in some few scenes)