David Jaffe Leaves Eat Sleep Play

Discussion in 'GBAtemp & Scene News' started by GeekyGuy, Feb 7, 2012.

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    According to Joystiq, David Jaffe (of God of War fame) will be departing from the company he helped co-found, Eat Sleep Play. This comes right as the developer is poised to release the long-awaited Twisted Metal for PS3.

    The company's other co-founder, Scott Campell, told Joystiq that Jaffe and the rest of Eat Sleep Play are "going down two separate paths."

    In addition to Jaffe's departure, Eat Sleep Play is said to have laid off eight employees. With the 26 staff members remaining, the company plans on refocusing its resources on iOS game development.

    No plans for Jaffe were mentioned, but he did comment via Twitter that rumors of him also pursuing casual-game development were "exaggerated."

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    David Jaffe is nothing if not outspoken and bombastic, so I wouldn't be surprised if we hear his side of the story some time soon (assuming there was some drama behind the scenes).
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    seems more that one side of the company wants to develop for iOS making iCrap and the other side wants to keep making games...

    if this keeps going and studio after studio start working on iCraps then the iOS will be nail to the coffin of videogames, only not that there wont be anymore consoles but not enough studios to make videogames instead of flash-like games
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    iOS games and other such silly "non-hardcore shit" can make a lot more money than traditional games. Check out Zynga's profits and then tell me companies don't want that kind of money for making casual games.
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    I know one of the big things was Jaffe talking about how shit the online pass is for games only to have Sony force it onto Twisted Metal. I'm sure that didn't make him too happy.

    Also, complain about iOS games less since some of them are actually quite good. It's good to have better devs for the system anyway.

    EDIT: I also formatted the main post so it looks a bit nicer, hope you don't mind GeekyGuy.
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    Maybe he will join Kozlowsky and Ginther over at Retro.
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    and that is officially the end of that company. (not literally)
    Never heard of 'em anyway.
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