Datel Cross Play Guitar Hero/ Rock Band adapter

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    Apparantly Datel has created a device that looks like a Wii remote and goes inside the Wii Guitar Hero guitar. It allows the guitar to work on all Guitar Hero and Rock Band games for the Wii as well as the PS3! I know that Rock Band 2 and the GH games will be compatible out of the box, box, but I want to play Rock Band 1 with the GH WT guitar.

    Maxconsole page regarding Cross Play

    I just heard of this device a few days ago, and it got me super excited! I've searched everywhere for more info and a release date, but can't find anything. I sent this email to datel:

    Hi. I heard about your Cross Play Wireless Guitar Adapter that allows the Guitar Hero Wii guitar to work on PS3 and Wii Guitar Hero as well as Rock Band games. I was just wondering when the release date was supposed to be. Nothing is listed on

    And their reply:

    Unfortunately, there have not been any announcements regarding development or release of a product of this type. Please check periodically for any news or updates regarding new product releases.

    So, what's going on? Is it all a big hoax or something? Anyone know anything more? How hard would it be for me to make one of these things myself if it never gets released?