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    Ohh hey a new book.
    Chapter one: The first one

    One day I went to dat shop that sells the dankest memes and the hottest nudes were I go to fap in corner next to the window.

    Chapter two: The second one

    I saw that girl again who was even fapping in the other corner. So I went over to her and said hi. "What are you fapping at?" started to ask me.

    Chapter three: The Third one

    "What kind of fucking hello was that?" I replied angrily. Meanwhile my cat was fucking a frog. "Your not my pet!" the frog said. "My rage levels were bordering no sanity, but I felt something..."

    "It was... that... hot and naked girl"

    To be continued soon™

    For now please enjoy this image of a cat/frog hybrid
    Good image @MarcusD