Dashlaunch 2.02 appeared and other news

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    You still need a 9199 (freeboot 0.3 line) JTAG 360 for this- if you are on XBR you can upgrade quite easily thanks to the 360 Flash Dump Tool now (well for a while now) supporting making of ibuild compatible files from XBR dumps and/or there being premade NAND files ( http://www.xboxhacker.org/index.php?topic=15694.0 - do post around here if you want some help with such things).
    Others there is a 360 side installer bundled with it so no need for a full rebuild and flash of your NAND.

    If you have a JTAG 360 you want this installed as many patches (namely controller remapping, ping limit removal*- system link over the internet, XBLA/DLC hacking without need to patch, some new region free stuff and surely more in the future) are made for it and it solves the backwards compatibility vs unencrypted memory issue with freeboot- you can still rock the original dash if you so desire too.

    Dash Launch 2.02
    *consider this a beta as we still have no clue why some ini issues occur*
    - added version info to data struct exported at ordinal 1
    - made number of times button holds are scanned variable, longer window
    ÂÂÂÂat boot time to sync controller and hold a button
    - added region spoofing for XGetGameRegion
    - DVD video play from NXE now plays DVD regardless of default setting
    Xbins link:

    XGetGameRegion I guess is the new API for region testing that Quantum Theory gained- there is a straight up patch available too for older versions of dashlaunch http://xbox-360.logic-sunrise.com/news-143...hlaunch-20.html (French language but Télécharger = download and the readmes are in English). I have not read up on it so I have no idea if xextool or straightforward GOD installs (they usually bypass it where other methods need more work) still bypass it. If you do run "extracted" games there have also been a few new versions of rar to 360 released which will take iso rar files and fire the extracted iso directly over FTP to your 360 http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?showtopic=720898 although it should also work with the iso itself if you have one of those.

    *In other news (read I was too lazy to make a new thread) it but the newer versions of freestyle dash appear to be gaining a measure of Xlink kai (a VPN and game matching service aimed at abusing system link/LAN play for internet use) support in what appears to be similar to the original xbox with XBMC- you can control settings but the application still needs to be running at PC level or possibly if your router level if your router supports it (dd-wrt and co naturally being where you want to look for this sort of thing).
    More on that http://www.teamfsd.com/showthread.php?63-J...New-Screenshots

    Thanks to logic sunrise for some of that news.