Dashboard update from a disk

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    Howdy all,

    Alrighty. I currently have a flashed drive, now updated with the newest ixtreme. I also have the ability to get games, patch em, burn em and play em. There is NO questions that i will be banned the very second that i connect to live. Is there any incentive to update to the newest dashboard offline via USB or disk? The AP2.5 games are playin' just fine, and I have no need to ever use live again. Just wondering if there are any benefits to doing this. I assume all hell could break out in the worst case scenario, but if there's any good to come out of updating, I would like to at least consider all my options.

    MANY thanks in advance for any help!
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    The last update that did anything for offline types (other than the ones that add kinect support) was last May with the USB as memory card thing.

    Do remember AP2.5 got three new games in the latest update (modern warfare2, black ops and Halo reach).