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    File Description
    You know, if we knew a little more about Mac programming, this would be a pretty cool app and source code to mess around with. Hiroaki made an Mac application that can potentially allow users to control other programs using your Wiimote.

    Called the DarwiinRemote, it's an app that sends and receives data to and from the Wiimote. Currently, the DarwiinRemote can only support single mouse and AppleRemote modes, but Hiroaki is hoping to put a lot of other features in future versions of his work. It requires Mac OS X 10.4 and above and Universal Binary though, so make sure you have those as well before testing this.

    Of course, he does remind you that this is called DarwiinRemote v0.1a for a reason. It's new, experimental, and probably unstable, so you'd best use caution when tweaking stuff on it. If you'd like to see the basic instructions for getting the app to work with your Wiimote, as well as the key mappings and plans for future revisions, we've also listed them for you. Be sure to send Hiroaki some love over at his blog as well!

    Enjoy the download, and let's see if Hiroaki's DarwiinRemote v0.1a can bring about an evolution in Wiimote use.

    Using DarwiinRemote:

    1. Launch DarwiinRemote
    2. Press 1 button and 2 button of your Wii Remote simultaneously
    * Wii Remote becomes "discoverable mode" (4 blue LEDs are blinking)
    3. Log drawer in DarwiinRemote reports "Wii Remote is found!"
    * When DarwiinRemote cannot connect to Wii Remote, disconnect bluetooth connection (press power button in seconds) and restart DarwiinRemote (will fix...).
    4. Have Fun!

    Key mappings:

    Wii Remote to Key Mapping
    Up Up
    Down Down
    Left Left
    Right Right
    A Left-Click
    B Return (Play/Pause in FrontRow)
    Minus Command + Left (Volume Down in FrontRow)
    Home Command + ESC (Enter FrontRow and "Menu" button)
    Plus Command + Right (Volume Up in FrontRow)
    1 Page Up
    2 Page Down

    Stuff for future versions:

    * User Interface
    * Key mapping configuration
    o e.g. invoke AppleScript
    * Sensor calibration
    * IR sensor support
    * Extension Port support
    * Speaker support
    * Gesture Recognition
    * More stable codes
    * QC Custom Patch

    homepage / download / Universal Binary
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    what do you search for to find the non embedded video on youtube?
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    I don't think this is suitable unless you have ur pc attached to a big screen where as pointing will be easier then a mouse.. just seems more sugar coating then actual usefulness
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    Just click anywhere on the video that isn't the square play button and it'll take you to the actual video on youtube.