Darths and Droids

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    Darths and Droids is a web comic about a group of friends playing a pen and paper game by standard D20 rules, set in a science fiction setting. Of course, as is custom in such games, the players try to combine inconsistencies in the dungeon master's carefully crafted setting with loopholes in the D20 rules, to drag the game story as far away as possible from the direction the dungeon master planned for the campaign, ending in the realm of unusual, improbable, to outright bizarre [​IMG] And the story that unfolds this way is depicted in this comic.

    I think it's pretty fun.

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    I don't normally like the whole D&D thing (or tabletop RPG in general), but I've read about 10 pages in, and so far I like it. Pretty funny. [​IMG]
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    I read it every now and then when I remember to. I was a huge fan of DM of the Ring.