Dark Souls 1 mod "Daughters of Ash" adds new events, story, and gameplay mechanics

Discussion in 'GBAtemp & Scene News' started by Chary, Jan 6, 2019.

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    Interesting. Seems neat but i'll have to wait for them to release it for the remastered version rather than the janky original.

    It always baffles me that people are ignorant enough to question staff that have been posting news for a very long time and know what they're doing. Basically anything can be news, the bigger question is if it's worthy of being news. Which is something our staff are perfectly capable of discerning.
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    Hmm I might give it a go then :D

    Fuck the Bed of Chaos... it's the single reason I don't like DkS1 as much as I want to like it. It's not the first 2 stages, those are easy (and cheesable by reloading the game after destroying them). It's that final fucking leap of faith. Who at FromSoft thought it was a good idea to make the player jump on a tiny branch with rounding physics (meaning you slide off) and then have them wail through wooden sticks while at least getting hit by one of the pyromancy attacks.

    Anyway, back to this one. I hope this restores some of the cooler removed content in the game too.

    The original dark souls had a number of cut sidequests, most notably for Oscar of Astora, who was intended to follow the player along on their journey before becoming a boss sometime after you place the lordvessel (siding with the other serpent). There were also invasions for Shiva and his bodyguard in the Painted world (the only reason I can fathom for this being removed is because the surrounding lines for this invasion mention the Chaos Blade, which is something you can choose to craft with Quelaags Soul and the other is much better PvE-wise) that were cut for some reason.

    Same for some sadly hidden flavor text like Hawkeye Ghough warning the player about not telling Ciaran you killed Artorias (would've been cool to have an option to tell her you killed Artorias without having his soul in your inventory and that automatically making her hostile a la telling Patches you're a cleric) or Chaos Witch Quelaag and Artorias having voice lines before their fights, indicating both their reasoning and in Artorias case showing his sanity loss or Lautrec likely being blind.

    This is all cut content that is really cool and adds a lot more details and flavor to a lot of these characters so I don't know why they cut it. The sidequests I can kinda get, I know the game suffered from monetary setbacks, but the last paragraph is fully implemented in the game (except for the stuff in brackets) and just isn't used anywhere.
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    Nice I can't wait to try.