Damn them iriver

Discussion in 'General Off-Topic Chat' started by phoood, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. phoood

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    Jul 28, 2006
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    Ever since I saw U10 from it was love at first sight. I was currently in a serious relationship with iPod for almost one and a half years and I couldn't wait to get out. I lost it (w00t) and started looking for that mp3 player online. Ran into the cnet website and found out that the iriver clix2 was coming out, and coming out soon, so I was satisfied. Until my iPod found me.

    Damn the clix2 is sexy.

  2. Darkforce

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    Nov 5, 2002
    My friend had a Clix and it looked like a bit of a pain to use, other than that it looked like a decent player but I bought an iPod in the end because I could get twice the memory for the same price (4GB clix for £100 vs 8GB Nano for £100), not to mention the Clix had already been discontinued.

    Personally I think the W10 looks sexy but the joystick looks the same as the T50/T60 which apparently has a hard to click center button. If the U10 has good video playback, they don't lose the FM tuner for the European market, and it isn't too expensive then just maybe, just maybe it will replace my Nano.

  3. yus786

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    Oct 28, 2006
    the clix 2 looks wkd and its about the same size as a nano and it has the same battery life

    ive never seen it before you posted it on here, just had a look on ebay and they are going for about £100 so it might replace my silver 4gb nano

    i dont like the nano because its too common, even though ive had one for years now [​IMG]

    but il try the clix out and see if its any good, if not il resell it on fleabay [​IMG]

    thanks for showing me one of these, i would have never known they existed if it wasnt for you lol


  4. M3LV1N

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    Jul 6, 2004
    Hmm just recently I purchased a 4GB Clix 1st generation off of ebay. I love it!!!!! The Clix 2 didnt really have much more that I wanted for the price so I just went with the first gen one. Although I might have to reconsider because its slimmer and there are some great themes out there.