Damn movies!! So predictable??

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    I just hate watching movies. I mean, I’ll watch them with the family. Superheroes are cool. Most movies, not just kid movies, are just so prebictable, formulaic, and corny. When I was younger, maybe 10-12, I saw the making of chuckie. You know, real behind the scenes stuff. How they make the robot, how it’s controled and all the props. From then on, I’ve always picked apart the movies. How it’s done, where it’s going. I know about foreshadowing, it’s no secret. Little hints here and there. Just saw a star is born. Kind of saw where that was going. I just can’t seem to let go and enjoy the movie. I might laugh when other people do, but that gets boring. I’m almost crawling out of my skin during a movie. Simon was good. I cried, but I as high af.

    When I listen to music, I do much of the same, pick it all apart. Strip the layers off and isolate the instruments. Music though, has so many layers, it keeps me engaged. Video games too, but movies. I just can’t.
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    Sure, once you know the inner workings you will never look at the thing the same way (ask any gynecologist :tpi: ) but the trick is to find a balance.
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