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  1. Joey Ravn

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    Aug 29, 2007
    Hey. I wanted to have on my DS, which doubles as PDA right now, a chart with all my classes for the university and their corresponding hours, with additional info like the number of class they are held in, in which session/section of the year I have them or anything I may eventually want to remember about them. Like, for example, if a teacher is known to be out that day, I can add it to the summary and skip class [​IMG]

    The thing is, DSOrganize's calendar only has the option to edit each single day... and I want this to last for the rest of the year [​IMG] So I would need something that allows me to make a chart with the days of the week and 1-hour intervals, while being easy to manipulate if I need so. I could use a pic of a chart made with a PC, but I wouldn't be able to modify it on the fly and I would need to re-upload it every time I did so... too much of a hassle.

    Is there anything like this for DS? Thanks in advance and sorry for the broken english... right now I'm a bit dazzled with the uni [​IMG]