D3ckey moved into full distribution

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    EDIT: SHOOT, i fucked up the Title. It should be "D2ckey moved into full distribution"


    The limited pre-release of the d2ckey modchip is over and it has moved into full production and distribution. So those of you waiting to get your hands on one should have a much easier time now.

    The d2ckey team had this to say:

    We are pleased to announce that, following a very sucessful pre-release, the D2CKey is now ready for full release! Distributors and resellers will be receiving their full stock over the coming week. However, stocks will be in limited supply for at least 1-2 weeks, so get your chip while you can!

    [ Source ]
    [ A list of d2ckey Resellers ]
    [ Installation guide ]

    Good news for the late Wii owners.
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    Oct 20, 2006
    This may also mean cheaper prices [​IMG]

    The girl in the picture still looks like John Connor of Terminator 2 [​IMG]
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    how is it any different than normal modchips out now?

    BESIDES the fact theres a billion more solder points. -.-