d2pro 13-wire Update Firmware v1.0

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    News posted on www.d2pro.com:

    Update your d2pro from 15 to 13 wires and back again with this new software. The update software requires the d2prog programmer.

    Not really beneficial for anyone but modchip installers, and even then, two points is hardly significant. I suppose it is hard to improve your product when there aren't any problems with it to start with yet.

    d2pro alternative 13-wire firmware

    * Proof-of-concept for d2pro upgrade/wire-count modification

    * 4 additional wires necessary for region override


    This software is provided as-is, with no warranties of any kind. If you
    use this software, you do so at your own risk!

    This firmware update is designed to illustrate the differences in
    performance between 15-wire and 13-wire modchips created for the d2c
    chipset. 13-wire solutions do not contain all of the same features as
    15-wire solutions (most notably the reduced performance of the GC
    Audiofix and the reduction in the number of disc read errors that can be
    detected and corrected) but are still usable, and can improve the
    installation time for the chip.

    Thank you for using d2pro!


    1. If the d2pro chip is already installed in a Wii console then
    disconnect the power cable.

    2. Disconnect d2prog from the USB cable.

    3. Connect the flat flexible cable to d2prog (and to d2pro if you have
    not done so already).

    Be VERY CAREFUL when connecting the cable and make sure that is in
    place properly. If the cable is misaligned and the Vcc (power) and
    ground lines are shorted d2pro or d2prog could be damaged.

    4. Connect the USB cable to d2prog.

    5. Run the updater software. It can be run without parameters for
    fully interactive mode, or with the following switches:

    usage: ./d2prog [-v] [-n] [-y] [-f ]
    -v verify only
    -n flash only, don't verify
    -y start flashing immediately
    -f select firmware

    Run without parameters for fully interactive mode.

    -h brings up the help.

    6. Disconnect USB cable and then d2prog. (done!)