CycloWiz Update 3.5 released

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    CycloWiz Update 3.5 released

    Out now!

    For those of you that missed it, Team Cyclops have released update v3.5 for their CycloWiz Wii modchip. This update fixes dual-layer media support that was broken in previous versions.

    Make sure to download the correct version from our Download Centre below, do not attempt to install an update intended for a foreign console on your unit.[title:CycloWiz v3.5]Official firmware version 3.5 was just posted in the support section, with dual layer media support. CycloWiz supported dual layer media since day one, but the 3.0 upgrade partially broke it (only the first layer could be read), so only users that didn't upgrade are able to read dual layer media for now. The new firmware fixes this issue. We'll make sure it doesn't get broken in future upgrades. We've made a simple test program to help us in that task: it checks if both the first and the second layer of a dual layer disc could be read. You can also find it in the support section, burn it on a regular DVD+/-R disc

    The laser power may have to be tuned before beeing able to read DVD+R DL media (as with DVD-RW media). Less than 50% of test Wii we have can read those discs without any tuning. There is a variable resistor on the optical pickup head itself, that needs to be lowered. In our tests, the original value was typically around 700-800 Ohm, and we had to lower it to around 500 Ohm, but this might be different on each drive. Just make sure you don't go below 50 Ohm or so.

    By the way, the test tool is not CycloWiz specific and can be used to test any modchip, it'd be interesting to see which ones are DL compatible. As of today, all of the commercial Wii games are released on single-layer discs, but the drive firmware supports dual layer discs.
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    [​IMG] CycloWiz v3.5 PAL Update
    [​IMG] CycloWiz v3.5 NTSC USA Update
    [​IMG] CycloWiz v3.5 NTSC Japan Update
    [​IMG] Source

    Thanks to sinkhead for the news.

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    Thanks for this. Time to try it [​IMG]