CycloDS stopped working, wife bought iEvolution for Christmas by accident, need new card instead.

Discussion in 'CycloDS' started by Sytakan, Dec 25, 2012.

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    Dec 25, 2012
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    So yeah. My CycloDS chip finally broke down, and almost never boots up anymore. My wife, attempting a great Christmas gift, tried to replace it. Unfortunately, she got the DSi, which my regular ol' DSlite can't run.

    Now, learning that it's nearly impossible to get a regular CycloDS card, I'm looking into getting a new card for my DSlite. What would be the best card for me to switch to, if you all could help me?
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    the ievo works on the ds lite just fine, but only in ds-mode. after flashing the correct files as bootloaders, i do recall that the default switch was ds-mode.

    however, there have been no updates for more than a year. so you may be better off getting a different card. look into the r4i gold .cn and the supercard ds2.

    -another world
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    I recommend:

    1. Supercard DS Two (One of the only higher priced cards with good built quality and support. Costs about $30-$35)

    2. Acekard2i (Costs about $15-$20, a decent card with good support for your DS Lite)

    3. R4 1:1 copy ( Costs about $2-$5 and is the cheapest card available for a DS Lite. Runs 'Wood R4' firmware which has been updated by YWG (Yellow Wood Goblin) regularly for past 2 years or so. Well supported card. Will only work on the first DS (2004 model) and a DS Lite.
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    Do you even have a original R4 card? It can't even use MicroSDHC cards (that means that there is a file size limit of 2GB).

    I suggest you to keep the CycloDS iEvo and patch the games if you want to use newer roms. You can buy a R4i gold from (it's almost the same like the AK2i with a better support) or a Supercard DSTWO if you want to get a card with lots of functions like Real Time txt reader and BMP reader (while you play a game), Slow Down, Real time Save with 5 slots, you can make your own cheats, you can use a GBA and a SNES emulator and you can use a video player that can read *.avi and many more files (with a maximum of 640x480p.).
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    Maybe I'm a bit late, but I'd recommend the DSTwo if you want a cart that is the closest to the Evo in performance and features. AK2i has slowed down with the updates, but they still do make them. The DSTwo is pretty much future proof since the exploit method differs from other carts (at least until Nintendo does something unexpected like with the iEvo DSi mode save exploit).
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  8. Pluupy

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    Get a DSTwo. It'll work on both the 3DS and DSi should you ever decide to upgrade.
  9. Dimensional

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    Get a DS2. Trust me, it's a good investment. Had it since it cost $50, and it still works, even though the only updates to it over the past year are to combat firmware update to the 3DS.
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    i want it