CycloDS IEvolution just died after years of use, what should I get?

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    Greetings! My wife has gone through numerous Nintendo DSLs and kept the same CycloDSI Evolution
    card for many years. She has a 32GB MicroSD card and all her MP3 music on it, she uses it mainly
    for Moonshell and to play music but also uses it for Tetris and other things.

    The card finally has died. 8( The DS just sits at a white screen. So I went out looking for a
    replacement and it appears to be very hard to find a new CycloDSI Evolution!

    I would like to know what the best replacement is or if there is any place I can just get a new
    CycloDSI Evolution at a reasonable price? (Getting a new one is preferable!)

    I used to have an R4 running WOOD firmware and it was great except for the fact that it wouldn't
    accept large MicroSDHC cards. Does the R4I work on a DSL and accept 32GB cards?

    If I get something other than a CycloDSI Evolution, it would have to accept 32GB and higher
    MicroSDHC cards (I plan on upgrading to 64GB eventually) and Moonshell needs to run on it
    as well as play DSL roms, which I assume they all should do. Playing homebrew would be nice
    too, the wood firmware on the R4 rocked in that it would play almost anything I threw at it
    but it just couldn't read large cards. I don't know if any of this is even supported anymore, it
    has been years since I've been in the scene. We want to keep it on the DSL because we have
    peripherals (I have a DS paddle!, etc.) for it plus it still works fine.

    Thanks everyone!!!
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    You can still buy the only true DSi flashcard from Poland at, yes they're a bit expensive

    Since you won't be using DSi mode anyway, consider the R4i Gold Deluxe, which has a working and official port of Wood and supports 32GB:

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    Btw, did you try reflashing the iEvo with the two roms like you're supposed to do the first time?


    Mar 5, 2009
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    Reflashing the iEvo with the two roms like you're supposed to do the first time? huh?
    It has worked for years and years. If you mean rebootstrapping it, I tried that.
    You're supposed to insert the CycloDSI card programmer into USB, wait for
    red light, then insert card. At this point, light is supposed to go off while it flashes,
    and then come back on when done. However, it flashes red with mine, signifying
    it's either bad or not making proper connections. (Of course, I've cleaned the card
    and even took it apart and cleaned, the connections are fine.)

    Will the R4SDHC work?
    It is only $7.99. Does WOOD support this?

    I'm really eyeing an R4SDHC if it can do what I want or the GOLD that you suggested
    if it can't. (What is the difference anyhow? WOOD compatibility?) Thanks!
    This site claims to have WOOD firmware working on R4 SDHC -
    Shouldn't the $7.99 R4DSHC work?

    EDIT: I ordered the R4SDHC. Their PAYPAL payment is kinda weird,
    they want me to email them but as this is a sponsor of gbatemp I assume
    it's cool and am using this place. 8) Anyone know how long Hong Kong Air
    Mail Registered (the $2.00 option with tracking) takes to get to U.S.A. ?
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