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    Oct 24, 2002
    United Kingdom
    Better late then never? After a long quiet spell, Team Cyclops have today announced a brand new flash cart - the CycloDS iEvolution.

    This new cartridge, unlike the regular CycloDS, will work on all current DS/DSi models and appears to be following in the footsteps of the Supercard DSTWO by boasting an onboard CPU and upgradeable boot ROM (used to circumvent new firmware flash cart block outs like v1.4.1).

    The iEvolution will support SDHC cards and is already boasting features such as Real Time Save and slow motion that take advantage of the carts new hardware. We expect the team to release more information on the iEvolution soon, so stay tuned to GBAtemp for further announcements.
    The team haven't forgotten about owners of the original CycloDS however, as they also announced plans to soon release an update that will increase ROM compatibility for newer titles.

    [​IMG] News source and more photos
    [​IMG] Discuss

    Thanks to Gariscus for the news.

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