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    I don't have a CycloDS so I do not understand, what's the hype about CycloDS? Every thread I go into that asks about what flashcart to get it always ends up being CycloDS. Can somebody explain to me what sets it aside from the other flashcarts? I have the EDGE and Acekard and they are great.
  2. Salamantis

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    Feb 20, 2007
    It just offers more features and has great support (Team) behind it.
  3. WildWon


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    To expound on that a bit,
    The team behind the cyclo is absolutely amazing. They keep in close contact with the people on their message boards, and will do the damnedest to fix whatever problems people find. As well, they are constantly putting out new betas (and new full-blown) firmwares. Currently, their firmware supports (beta) auto-GBA patching. So if you have a flash cart in your slot-2, you can just click the GBA game you'd like to play (directly d-loaded and thrown onto the card, same as NDS games) and they'll be patched, transfered to the GBA card, and loaded.

    Also, a new In-Game text reader has been added, which, until now, has only been seen on the Supercard DS 1. With that added on, Cyclo has pulled just slightly ahead of the SC team in my mind.

    Also, the CycloDS and the card reader that came with it feel so effin solid. I have a SC-DS1 and a DSTT (that i got and set up for a friend) and the cyclo has a much better quality build.

    I didn't think the build and the team could mean so much when buying a card (i had the SC-DS1 prior, then i passed that to the Wife® when i got the Cyclo), but after having questions and whatnot about the card, it does mean the world.

    So, in terms of playing DS games, most cards are equal. Even with features, the SC-DS1 has a lot of the same options.

    I do prefer my Cyclo to other though.
  4. Bri

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    Dec 25, 2007
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    The CycloDS has several features that other carts like the Acekard 2 don't have, but also costs significantly more. In reality, most users don't use features like RTS (game state dumps) or slow-motion much. So whether or not those features are worth the extra cost is a matter of opinion.

  5. Searinox

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    Dec 16, 2007
    Let me add to their amazingness. I don't have a CycloDS but I have installed their software. Why? It gives me the ROMs' preview icon inside windows, they really do think of every little detail a user would enjoy.
  6. Searinox

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    Dec 16, 2007
    Sorry Pharaohs but I canceled that Cyclo order. I broke my DS and needed emergency money for screens. I've been aroudn their forums, simply seeing a feature request thread made me smile. ^^
  7. 754boy

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    Has all of the same options including excellent support team and forums. Thats why I'm not replacing my SCDS1 anytime soon. [​IMG]