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    Apr 3, 2010
    United States
    Pretty much what the topic title says. Black CycloDS (FW 1.58 final, the MicroSD sits flush with the card) + Black EZV 3 in 1 (reg., not the plus)..EDIT: a 2 gig Kingston MicroSD card included as well. $50 total including shipping. I'll only ship in the U.S. and I'll do PayPal.

    Also yes, I realize this isn't the for sale/trade forum. If I had enough posts and had been around long enough to post in there... trust me, you wouldn't be seeing this here. I'm mostly a long time lurker. That said while I feel i'm a pretty reputable person it wouldn't be unreasonable to be weary given this is a new account...so with that feel free to ask to see my Ebay account if need be. The items in question are in great shape of course but I don't mind taking pictures if need be as well. I'll check the thread (hopefully before it's inevitably closed) but if you're interested i'd recommend PMing me instead.
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