CycloDS Evolution firmware v1.2 *BETA* released

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    CycloDS Evolution firmware v1.2 *BETA* released

    Impressive new update

    Team Cyclops have released an impressive new BETA firmware update for their CycloDS Evolution cart that should lay away fears early adopters have had over the recent lack of news/updates from the team. This new beta firmware fixes a lot of issues and also adds a lot of new features, even the recent Wii connectivity problem with the new Pokémon games has been fixed.

    Check below for a full list of changes and download the update locally below. Remember, this firmware is a BETA and you should use it at your own risk.[title:CycloDS Evolution firwmare v1.2 BETA]CycloDS Evolution Firmware v1.2 BETA


    CycloDS Evolution Official Website:

    Team Cyclops Forums:

    How to use


    The upgrade process is simple and painless. Just follow these easy steps:

    1. Place the "update.evo" file in the root directory of your MicroSD.

    2. Insert the MicroSD back into the CycloDS Evolution.

    3. Insert the CycloDS Evolution into your Nintendo DS.

    4. Power on the Nintendo DS and start CycloDS Evolution as you would normally.

    5. The update will be launched automatically. Follow the onscreen instructions.

    Once the update has completed the "update.evo" file will be removed from your
    MicroSD, so you do not need to remove it manually.

    Change log


    - v1.2 BETA (6/8/2007)

    * Fixed Wii connectivity (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl and Pokemon Battle Revolution)

    * Moonshell soft reset is now supported

    * Several game compatibility fixes

    * Multiple skins are supported, selectable in the settings menu

    * RAM pack for Opera (clean rom) supported via CycloDS Mini/Micro and EZ3in1

    * Rumble for EZ3in1 supported

    * DSLinux is now supported

    * Ingame menu changes:

    - Multi-lingual

    - Slowmo adjustable

    - Realtime cheat enable/disable

    - Improved stability

    - Supported for more games

    * Added new file view mode - "list view"

    * Improved file list sorting method

    * Completely new translations: Dutch, Greek, Indonesian, Malaysian, Russian, Tagalog

    * All text is now completely translated (GUI, ingame menu and the updater)

    * GUI clean-up:

    - Buttons for various dialog boxes

    - Press B to exit settings screen

    - Stopped game list from displaying invalid items

    * Loader now reboots into GUI if there is an error (no longer locks on "Loading..")

    * Many other miscellaneous fixes/improvements

    [​IMG] Download
    [​IMG] Source (official forums)
    [​IMG] Discussion

    Thanks to aslacker55 for letting us know!

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