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    Apr 10, 2008
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    I was just wandering if anyone had any good tips, ideals, sources etc. I want to custom mod my handhelds (GBA, GBAsp, and DS) I mean, completely redo them. I need a place to get shells or else I need some old systems for cheapity, which I'm keeping my eye out for locally.

    I want to make matching handhelds by refining the cases, replacing the screens and then painting the shells and adding logos on the systems themselves. (Top of the lids for the SP and DS on the back of the GBA [​IMG])

    So, I need people to recommend some good sites, guides, books, etc. for info on replacement screens, screen covers, and airbrushing, anb welding.

    Thanks in advance.

    Oh, and just for clarity. Is the GBA Micro screen the same size as the original GBA [​IMG] I might mod it enternally so I have a rocking screen on my GBA...but I'm pretty sure the screens are different sizes otherwise someone else would've done this mod already...
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    GBA Micro screen is a more than double less in size of a screen..So no swapping screens, and you wouldn't be able to interchange them because Micros technology is far more advanced than original GBAs..

    There are lots of tips and things you should know about changing cases and modding..But every system has it's own catches..You'll have to research a lot to learn about all of them..
    I could help you about NDS Lite, but I've never disassembled GBA (I did take out upper outer shell of SP, but nothing else)..So if you'll have any concrete questions, ask..
    You have one good guide here on GBAtemp, you can use photos of case swapping from Flickr, and youtube has two-three videos (I've used the one that is split in four parts)..
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