Cube-X DS v1.0

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    Cube-X DS v1.0


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    Another Amiga game is making its way to the DS! titoboy666 has begun porting Cube-X to the DS.[title:Cube-X DS v1.0 release notes]Here's my first NDS project.

    Made with PALIB, this game is a remake of an old Amiga game (one of my favorite). Graphics and musics are from the original game.

    Goal: In Cube-X DS you have to make all the cubes disappear before the timer runs out by making two or more cubes touch on at least one side.

    You can play Cube-X DS using the stylus or the D-Pad and buttons.

    This game includes: 150 levels, highscore, music, passwords, and even a level editor!

    Have fun and please leave comments and feedbacks on my blog! [​IMG] Download
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    Sweet. Is it like the NES game Puzznic? If so... then yay [​IMG]
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    Yes it's like Puzznic. I didn't know this game (I never had the chance to play with an Amiga) but I really liked Puzznic on PC, one of the first game I played.

    This game is really great!

    Thanks to my "offline friend" titoboy666!
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    Yeah it's a puzznic clone, but I didn't know puzznic before though. And just to clear up the news a little bit, I have not begun porting the game, the game is complete and fully playable, 150 levels, level editor, highscores.

    Have fun!
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    And by a Canadian too! Cheers!