CrystalTile2 ver 2007.11.09

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    Sep 17, 2007
    ------------ 2007.11.09 ------------
    1. Amended identification. PAC document error
    Correct identification 1363 - Summon Night Twin Edge Seireitachi no Kyoumei (J)
    The PAC documents.
    This document in the game-pac / call has been found Night
    As is not the same company, so the pac document should be a common document

    2. Add decompression / compression ARM9.bin function
    If Arm9.bin icon is so LZ
    PS: crack / modification Arm9.bin must function

    3. Derived images, if not more than eight using a 256-color indexed bitmap

    4. Add error log function
    Using the command line CrystalTile2.exe / log
    While activated in the event of errors
    Error messages will be stored in the. Ini documents inside
    Users can in the event of error debugging returned Kyugo

    5. Amended compressed data loss when the last byte error
    PS: Before using the old version of compressed data users the best re-compression

    ------------ 2007.11.06 ------------
    1. Derived support into common format photographs
    Photo and correct support inside the Alpha Channel

    2. Add Alpha channel editing functions
    Tile View: Application of this Tile with a value of A Channel
    Pixel Editor:
    Press and hold the Ctrl key on the A channel editor pixel value
    Holding down the Shift key lessons pixel value of A Channel

    3. Default 256 bands that two gray color palette to repeat the question

    4. NDS document may ranking list
    5. Document search function can look at the same time address

    6. Further strengthen numbered to show way
    View Map mode in the corresponding relations Tile

    Software ------------ ------------
    The main purposes: creation, editing and 2942 View
    Modified Date: November 9, 2007
    Forum links: the CrystalTile2 more detailed information and updates downloaded
    Angel Forum:
    Download link: CrystalTile2 CrystalTile2 required DLL CrystalTile2 source code ver: 2007.09.02 (

    Language Pack: Chinese Korean (By OverHEAT_Devil) (due to a software update may not be the latest, support Uincode coding, but not the Big-Endian format)
    Translation 2052. Lng then changed to the language of the corresponding language ID

    Decompression Password:
    Authors Say: What is the user comments or suggestions please??proposed
    This software not written help files, update information contained in parts of the note

    Add a new version of the software resources, at the Little White will be added to the language pack of Chinese resources
    The author re-download the translation language pack fill the right one (not necessarily all of re-translation)
    CrystalTile2 will automatically load the System Language Pack
    If you want to test the language pack is not your current system language
    Language pack can be temporarily changed to the language of your system corresponding ID

    No problem, please do not irrigation, so postings were deleted; Thank cooperation.

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    Apr 5, 2007
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    How has the translation of this program been going? I can never figure out what to do with this lol.
  3. Normmatt

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    Doesnt this project use certain parts of desmume e.g. the disassembler code.

    If it does then this project would then fall under the GPL which would mean any modifications to any code linked with the GPLed code would have to be released.

    Looking good, keep up the good work.
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    Jun 27, 2007
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    Yeah... how do I change the language on it and where do I get the language pack for English?
  5. wannya

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    Sep 17, 2007
    Amendments to decompress Arm9.bin failure BUG

    The English version No Language Pack
    Can the use of Chinese (2052) adapted to the corresponding language
    Pack document, entitled language ID system
    ?? ??? Arm9.bin ???BUG

    ??????? ????ID