Crysis glitch

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    Ok well the only DX10 capable system I have is my laptop, and I know this game supports DX9 and DX10, but it runs horribly slow on my northwood system.

    Anyway right after I installed it, I took its default medium settings (which is too high for this laptop anyway) and decided to give it a go. Although it seemed to run about the same as the demo, I figured I could get more speed by switching back to the settings I had in the demo, 800x600 low quality on textures and practically everything else set to medium.

    So after I spent a good 5 minutes trying to get back to the main menu in this poorly coded monstrosity of a video game, I applied these settings and loaded up my save game. Well I was playing COD4 on my xbox360 at the time and had the laptop pointing to the right. So I looked down at the laptop after it loaded the level and the screen was VERY blurry, I mean so blurry that you'd think you needed cokebottle glasses to see clearly. So I took the laptop and set it on my lap and tried moving around, the game was very fluid and smooth. So since I couldn't stand the blurry graphics I exited the game, came back in and re-applied some settings to 800x600 and it made all the graphics sharp again, but the game is choppy and especially sluggish when I come across enemies.

    Now I wonder why the hell would the game run very well and be blurry as crap, then I just reapply the SAME settings and it looked fine but was choppy as hell? is this game designed to sell nvidia products and intel core2duos? If so that's pretty shady. However I also do realize the opposite, that this game does have tons of polygons and textures and would in fact need higher processing power and a better video card than I have.

    I'm going to try to duplicate the same glitch again some time, but I have my doubts that I can get the game to do it again. I should've played it a bit further with my screen all smeared to hell to see how it performed [​IMG]

    Ahh I think I see what might have happened, I think it kicked out of dx10 mode and ran better, will have to check and see. Sheesh what a bloatware game.
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    What graphics card do you have on your laptop? [​IMG]

    My x1400 struggles with the COD4 demo [​IMG]

    I wonder how it'll handle with crysis? [​IMG]
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    Drunk, then sober. That would do it.