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    Also <b>Crysis.2.NFO.FIX.XBOX360-MARVEL</b>

    Appears to be region free. I would not be surprised if this is the seventh game with AP2.5
    Probably also wave 11 so JTAG users will have to either use the remove version check option of dashlaunch or patch the relevant xex file with xextool (it might also be the first to actually require the newest version for actual technical reasons).

    Similarly (NFOs for these below although you might have to search to see what goes although DLC seems to approximate the stuff you get for the limited edition version)

    Crysis 2 then- there have been two games before this in Crysis and Crysis warhead (which was something of a parallel story for the first game).
    For that that missed out you play as a near future special forces type that has a suit (with a very limited power supply) that can harden to protect you against bullets, make you run fast and jump high, turn you invisible or increase your strength. The actual game itself at least at the time was known for taxing the hardware to the limit on some of the higher settings but this time around it is on a console (we have long passed the tipping point in console graphics vs PC graphics so this is something of an interesting release).
    As for the gameplay it is something of a sandbox game or at the very least just gives you a broad objective and allows you to get there however you please. Story wise and gameplay wise it was nothing earth shattering but for many it was quite fun, this time they claim story has been more of a focus and unlike the tropical island/industrial jungle or the previous game this one takes place in new york. Naturally new guns and abilities have been added.

    <b>Video</b> (somewhat older but still hopefully representative)



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    NFOs for main release

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    NFOs for DLC
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    Reminds me of... Well, about 5,000 other games.

    Do developers never get sick of post-apocalyptic New York as a setting?
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    Works fine with latest Dashlaunch 2.11 and latest beta FSD 2.1