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    Jan 3, 2008
    [​IMG] Crysis 2 PSN Gaming Night
    Tuesday April 19th

    GBATemp user Zerosuit connor will be hosting a Crysis 2 and Black-ops PSN Gaming Night on April 19th. The official meeting place before, during, and after the event will be #gbatemp-wifi on the GBATemp IRC Network. Check the link below for the start time in your part of the world. Be sure to post your PSN name if you are interested in participating.

    Please note:
    The start time has been moved up to 2PM EST

    Download mIRC
    • Google for a tutorial on setting up mIRC
    • Type: /server
    • Type: /join #GBAtemp-wifi

    Navigate to the GBAtemp JAVA IRC client
    • Click the "Start Applet" button
    • Accept all security warnings, click "NO" if prompted to block anything
    • Type: /part
    • Type: /join #GBAtemp-wifi

    Navigate to
    • Click the "Launch Mibbit" button
    • Click the "server" link and enter in the box that appears
    • Enter a nickname to use on the network (this will be your handle, name, identity, etc)
    • Enter #GBAtemp-wifi in the channel text box
    • Hit the "GO" button.

    [​IMG] Start Time For Your Timezone
    [​IMG] On-going Discussion

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