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Nov 17, 2003
colorado USA
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Ok, so, back last January or so was really the last time i flashed my PSP. A phat that i bought, came with FW 2.0 and i had used all the HEN variants to play homebrew and stuff. Flashed it down to 1.5 eventually, then put on with the first OE CFW and ended up with 3.03OE-C around March or so (cant remember dates too well). Well, I really stopped paying attention to CFW since then because my PSP has been such a dang champ

So now I am confused. I see people all over with old PSP's and new PSP's alike freaking out about Pandora's Battery and M33. Quite honestly I play everything on my 3.03OE-C firmware that everyone else does. Quite honestly it was SO easy to get there its ridiculous. EVERYWHERE i look i see some poor fool bricking his PSP and failing the pandora mod and seriously screwing up his system. WHY do people have to go through this? Is there really THAT much of a benefit of M33? Dude, theres nothing I cant play on my firmware ... if this modding and crazytalk about battery and needing a friend with CFW to help you out, cant people with older (non slim) PSP's who didnt plug that brand new FW upgrade in their new game, cant they stick with something a little easier? Is there some magical benefit of M33 that sets it above and beyond all others, because if there is I seriously missed it... Can someone set me straight in whats up with all this crazy PSP stuff??

Also whats up with everyone breaking the damn things? I have bought ONE psp. I've flashed it, I've dropped it a few times, its like I could kick it across the room and pee on it and it would still work. What could possibly be WRONG with someone who openly claims they've owned multiple PSP's for reasons of disaster????? i just dont get it!

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