[cry for help] Trying to patch digital FE Fates, dumped a CXI instead of a 3DS

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    Aug 4, 2016
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    From what I heard, if I got myself a CFW I could patch my legitimate e-shop copy of FE Conquest, despite it being a 9.6 encrypt. I currently have a 11.2 o3DS with A9LH and Luma3DS. Attempting to follow a guide made for patching physical copies' .cia or .3ds dumps alongside a guide for dumping digital games for the purpose of running it on citra, I used Decrypt9WIP and dumped a .cxi file, even though what I need is a .3ds file. I don't really understand all the different kinds of files or what I'm doing here, but I don't think I'll be able to use a .cxi. I'm just really confused. I'd ask on the forum thread about the patches, but that thread's pretty dead so I figured maybe I'd get a better response from you hacky people.

    I'm just hoping someone can help me figure out how to make a .3ds or .cia dump of this game, and what it would take to patch it.

    Edit: Used a tool to extract the game from the .cxi and then rebuild it into a .3ds which I then converted to a .cia and installed with FBI. However, when I installed it, no new software was added to the home menu, and when I play my original version of Fates, the save data got deleted. Can someone tell me how or why this happened and what I can do about it?
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