Crazy to watch the writing on the wall for Konami...


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Yeah that's got to be the worst yet at the same time most entertaining because it's hard not to laugh E3 conferences in history.

I wonder what Hideo Kojima thought about it. He was probably shaking his head like the rest of us.

All I know is fuck Hideki Hayakawa. He rushed Kojima to finish Metal Gear Solid V because it was costing too much money, they made back the money in a manner of days while Kojima was already fired by the time the game hit stores. Kojima had been making Metal Gears and other great games since the 80's, then some douchebag who thought mobile was the future of gaming and loves pachinko machines just comes in and tears it all down.

Konami used to be good in everything they touched. Contra, Metal Gear, anything Castlevania, Suikoden, Simpsons Arcade, X-Men arcade.

The first sign of wtf are you doing were the Contras on PS1. One of the games had you wearing 3D sunglasses it was pure shit and the other was a bad game too. But I overlooked it because good god PS1 had Metal Gear Solid, Symphony of the NIght and Suikoden 1 and 2 pure gold.

Then on the PS2 era, Nanobreaker was a terrible game. I don't know what they were thinking. But overall while they weren't quite as good as their old days they still had Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3, Suikoden 3-5, 3-D Castlevanias which were not as good as other Castlevanias but decent.

Then by the time we got to the PS3/Xbox 360 era, well that video mostly explains it. They were a shell of their former selves although they still had Metal Gear Solid and not much else good. Lords of Shadow 1 and 2 were not terrible games but not anything to the high standard of classic Castlevania. The SIlent Hills on PS3/Xbox 360 were pretty bad. They were pretty much Kojima or bust by this time. I mean yes a lot of people love PES I'm not really a soccer guy so I can't comment there but otherwise it was Metal Gear or bust.

PS4/Xbox 360 again nothing but Metal Gear Solid. Then they run the guy off making the only good games they had left. Kojima was working on Silent Hills which I know would have been great but it was cancelled and he was fired. I will never forgive them for that. The game they come out with after Kojima is gone was Metal Gear Survive one of the worst games ever made and a disgrace to the Metal Gear name. I mean a fucking Metal Gear with zombies and building shit this is what Konami has become good god.

Sure they've come out with a few collections that we've been asking for for decades, but it doesn't make up for just being a complete disaster and making me hate them. They should sell off their franchises because I have no faith they could do anything good with them if they would even try. There's rumors about a Metal Gear Solid remake for PS5 I just would not have a lot of faith they could get it right unless they're keeping everything the same and just making the game look like a next gen game.

This image pretty much sums up Konami's plan ever since 2015.


Konami is like a successful popular business man with a beatiful wife and tons of friends who decides to one day light himself on fire with a blowtorch.
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