Crazy Intro v0.6

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    Crazy Intro v0.6
    Mii Birthday Function

    Crazy Intro, the custom Wii intro application has received an update. Added is SDHC support and a birthday function for your Miis, if one of them has their birthday you can get a special mp3 plus and a picture displayed.

    - Using latest libogc, sdhc support along with it.
    - Birthday feature added. If one of your miis have a birthday a customizable image displayed and an mp3/mod file played along with it greeting the user. Birthday feature uses Libmii.
    - Press picture can use tilesets which can be used to create simple animations. For better description of the feature take a look at crazyintro-explained.xml in the archive. Also three images and three example configuration files supplied in the archive.

    Dancing girl animation : Nipson / from demo Eiger
    Birthday music : Jogeir Liljedahl

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    For those of you, like me, who don't know what this is - You use it with preloader to customize to load of your wii. You can make a custom background image and choose what music you want to play when you boot your wii.
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    how do i choose my pici just get some white tiger and lame music