Crash 3 over 20 times now and counting on new console updated to 5.3.2 from 1.0.2 Splatoon. HELP?

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    May 26, 2006
    My MK8 bundle luckily came with 5.3.2 pre-installed and I have been rocking loadiine since december.

    Convinced friend to get a a cheap wii u. Console was a white 8gb and was still on FW 1.0.2 out of box so I updated it to 5.3.2 using Splatoon. I'm self hosting (never had issues before) through KWS server on android and I have gone about 20x now and each time I get a crash 3 scenario ...

    On my MK8 bundle, I've only seen a Crash 3 like 3 times ever... usually its race attack failed but I haven't gotten this one to even say that ... What should i try ? (tried other sd cards as well ... no dice)

    Files are correctly put on flash drive. What would cause this since the fw is is fine ?

    Edit: Look all around to Enable Dev Options ... that was it ... finally got words on the screen 2x after which were FSGetMountSource. Forums said SD was bad ... i tried swapped my MicroSD to another SD adapter and that was it ... Fired up fully...

    Wish I could delete but hope this helps someone in the future.
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