Cracked Nintendo DS lite hinge problem

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  1. KevintheGreat&#3

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    Mar 24, 2007
    Well, My DS has a crack hinge, had one for about 2 weeks now, the crack didn't do anything serious until now. My DS can ONLY open up at 180 degrees now, if I replace the case would this fix the problem or is it a totally different problem?
  2. dib

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    That's what I would do, assuming you're no longer under warranty. If you attempted to glue it, it would never retain structure and the tension of opening+closing would only cause it to crack again.
  3. Panzer Tacticer

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    Apr 13, 2008
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    Here's what you do. Buy a Nintendo triwing driver, then get the needed video off Youtube on how to take a DS apart (it's brain dead easy with the f**king driver). Take the hinge and glue it with crazy glue (when it is NOT on the DS), let it dry well of course, reassemble.

    This assumes your crack is not catastrophic in nature eh.

    But otherwise, yes, you can buy all sorts of new DS housings if you want to.

    You'll still need the triwing driver though.
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    Maybe it would be best if you replace you're housing with the new one..And you can choose from big spectar of colores..from transparent to solid and almost all you can wish for..

    But it takes some time, and skill to replace it..
  5. DeMoN

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    Taking apart the DS Lite is not "brain dead easy." The only easy thing about it is accidentally breaking your top screen.

    If the crack prevents the DS from staying open normally, then you can probably get a replacement.