cQuake Update 070808

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    [​IMG] cQuake Update 070808
    Now with double tap touch screen support
    An update to cQuake has been posted on Google Code. The main change is the double-tap support, to allow you to play cQuake just like Metroid Prime Hunters. Thanks to dudereno for the heads up. Changelog below:

    [​IMG] Source: Click here
    [​IMG] Download: Click here

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    i haven't toyed with cquake yet. how does it compare to the quakeDS that simon j hall worked on? how are the controls, graphics, lighting, ability to implement user made levels, wifi and the like?

    the only thing i read is the AI stops after a certain distance so you can't get shot when you are to far away to see them. simon mentioned adding that feature to his build but there have been no updates for a bit.

    thanks to those that post comments and info on cquake.

    -another world
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    Cquake seems amazing tbh,it reminds me of my younger days pc gaming with my bro..shame i could'nt get the multiplayer to work,anyone have any idea how to get it working?