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    Dec 30, 2015
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    Hi can i be a dev :P my computer literacy bio is quite funny. Long story short i started hacking consoles 2005ish 6 months after psp came out. Friend showed me a snes emu via 1.5 kxploit. So i bought a used psp for that purpose. Didnt even have a pc yet. Same friend was throwing away a 2001 gateway pos pc that had a corrupt boot loop on the win xp startup screen. Quickly self tought myself the basics of pc. Figured out how to clone my aunts winxp media edition os and make my own cracked installer disc..... All because i needed a pc to get hacks and roms on the psp. Had the 1.5 psp brewed out and dabbling with umd emulator. Accideltly updated to 2.6 for gta lcs. That pissed me off so i became ballzdeep nerd into the scene waiting for a downgrader. Finally with the fanjita eloader got my psp backed to hack state. Thats when daedalus came out. Then looked into ps2 mods. Craked my ps2s with ps1 einhinder disc (rare and expensive) with a game shark and the independence exploit. Added a hdd and brewed that out. Was a day 1 launch 60gb buyer got the taladeganights bluray denoting it was one of the first 10'000 made and shipped. Bought a 20gb and risked that in 2008 installing 1.81 debug fw. Made friends with a offical sony retail rep and tricked him into losing a few kiosk flash sticks and was able to leak a few demos and kiosk fws. Got a pspgo just to get the ability to video out and play n64 emulation on tv with a ps3 controller. Still have the same setup. 2013 got a job at a shop called game world here in vegas by trolling the owner when he asked what im playing on vita i said super mario64 he asked how. I said hacks. He asked me how much to hack his. 5 minutes later im walking out with a gamerepair job 20 fat ps2s with bad lazers and a ps3 to hack for the owner. Then was actually modding consoles for the shop to sell by request. Was dope as hell. I was a god there lol. That job lead to me working for 2k vegas as a qa game tester on project oak aka borderlands 3. Im in the credits. While i was qa testing i was looking at all the actual dev tools and sdks.... I was like a kid in a candy store... My NDA prohibbits me from talking much about that job but fuck em i leaked the project names and still know whats in their pipeline at gearbox. Ill never do comerical qa testing again way to stressfull. But i know i have a foot in the door and have unique ideas for games and storys. But i dont like the way the game industry went micro trans pay to win disc locked content. So i have 0 intrest in that as a profession anymore sadly. If i could keep artistic integrety and full control over my concepts id persue. I also found server side hacks for bungis destiny one and was finding in game exploits to clip into disc locked content areas for free. So it was daedalus and destiny that got me into 2k games. So short story long this random emulator has had a big impact on my life
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    Dec 17, 2019
    Hi! Quite interesting your story.
    Ah, the wonders a broken Windows BIOS could do before they switched to UEFI did wonders for us.
    I remember installing Windows 7 Ultimate from USB way back in 2010, my first computer.
    I remember one day I was using it, and there was an electrical shortage in my building. That was how my PC died.
    I tried to fix it, and I kind of connected something wrong, and when I turned it on it catched on fire. Not kidding.
    The smell or burnt plastic SATA cables and a smokey circuit board brought me a bad message.
    It was beyond recoverable.

    Greetings! Nice meeting you!
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    Jun 15, 2016

    WELCOME to GBATEMP website:yayu::nds:
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