cover images where do I place

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    Jan 13, 2011
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    ok so I've tried placing in root, /usb-loader, /usb-loader/covers, /app/usb-loader and nothing works. Finnally I unzipped and placed the icons in every spot imaginable including 3d/discs/covers, etc. Finally it is working but I need to figure out what i'm doing wrong as i'm wasting a lot of space. HELP ME! It's on a NTFS partition. I even tried renaming it to Nothing works.
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    It depends on the loader you want to use, but look at the documentation and options, you should be able to use any path you want.
    If you use an old version of USB Loader GX you can't use the full, update to 2.0 and put the full in the same folder as boot.dol.