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Discussion in 'Computer Games and General Discussion' started by Satangel, Feb 24, 2009.

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    I'm trying to make a movie of Call of Duty 2 with Fraps and Windows Movie Maker, but I still have a few questions:

    - Is it normal that those movies are so big? Like 3 minutes recorded with Fraps is around 4GB!
    It's set to halfscreen btw

    - How can I mute my videoclips?

    - Can I merge projects?

    Thanks for all the help
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    I would suggest almost any other video app in place of windows movie maker (actually I would suggest a kick in the nuts but that is a different debate). For a basic editor I suggest either virtual dub ( ) or avidemux ( ) and for more advanced avisynth ( ) and a frontend like megui

    Still: size, video is huge by nature (even half size is 640x480= 307200 pixels, at 24 bits per pixel and 24 or frames or more per second adds up to 3796.875 megabytes or so for 3 minutes) and compression takes this down. Compression also takes a lot of resources (video is probably more demanding than games on a system) so real time stuff like fraps will tend to use as low an amount of resources as possible. Added to this is the need for most video standards to encode several frames at a time (meaning you can not just add frames to the pile).
    I am not all that familiar with fraps but there should be an option to use compression, I suggest a lossless one for this and if you are after something like huffyuv
    There are better lossless standards but resource demands are very low which is what is called for here (the benchmarks on the page use a sub 1GHz processor).

    As for sound the apps I suggested should be able to do it and from what I recall fraps is what captures the sound, you should be able to turn it off.

    In virtual dub and avidemux it is append video under the file menu
    In avisynth you can use the shorthand "+" between source filters (the documentation has several worked examples).
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    I myself use sony vegas.
    I used to use movie maker before I bought (illegally downloaded) vegas.
    The file size depends on compression, bitrate, frames per second, dimension, etc
    I believe that these are all customizable, so you should choose the best settings.
    However, a 4GB is really large...

    What I used to do was use a video converter, and it always had a good result.
    Muting video clips - If I remember correctly, you can click on the audio portion of your vid, and decrease the volume to 0...
    I don't think you can merge projects (try opening 2 windows of wmm, and drag everything from one window to another)