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  1. leonmagnus99

    OP leonmagnus99 GBAtemp Psycho!

    Apr 2, 2013
    Hey guys, would like to ask why HBL on the homemenu won't load any elf files ?

    firstly i have the cbhc thingie installed so when i boot my wii u ,it autoboots into system menu (patches some stuff i believe?).

    and when i autoboot and start the HBL that i have installed in the internal HDD it loads up fine but it wont start up the other elf apps i have in my SD/WiiU/App/Appname/.elf

    but when i cancel autoboot and load HBL from there ,all the apps load fine after.

    and one more thing i would like to know is, about wupinstaller y mod< i have tried to install Shantae half genie hero on my USB storage twice with 2 different type of title tik files of it non of them worked (by that i mean the game would just not show up on the menu.)

    and i would like to know whether that actually took space ? because i do not see it in the data management, and after that i tried installing the game into my internal HDD (and my internal wii u hdd had 15gigs free) after the installation, game was still not there on the menu sadly.

    and when i checked data management again, the internal hdd showed 14gb , so i guess it took the space there, but it does not show up in there either , could someone tell me how i can find the file now ? no way to find out where it is ?

    thanks in advance.
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