Couple of questions if i may?

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    [​IMG] I've got a couple of questions regarding fully disabling the use of stylus/mouse when playing a game and strictly using keyboard to play. Is there a way to completely disable to use of stylus/mouse use and go completely with keyboard control when playing any ds game on no$gba? I am currently playing megaman star force dragon but don't want to have to mess with having to click and try and keep up with clicking on this whole bull balance beam act thing. and my second question is i have a couple of games that require the use of a mic or to blow into a mic to get further in the game is there a way to get by this without having to go out and spend money on a pc mic just to get by these portions of the game?
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    1) Stylus: you might be able to use something done with the accessibility options (mousekeys under XP, not sure about any others, here you use the numpad as a mouse) that come with most operating systems but what you describe has been done on several occasions (Legend of Zelda dpad hack, Lylat wars had one and cracker did another couple from what I recall).

    2) Mic, depending on how it does it you might be able to use a loopback.
    Failing that
    a microphone is a plate in a magnetic field, moving it by action of air creates a voltage.
    a speaker is a plate that because it exists in a magnetic field can be caused to move which moves the air by the application of voltage.
    Simple version: plug some headphones into your mic socket and yell into them. I would not rely on them for quality sound (it will sound like a bad telephone line at best) but the DS tends not to go for high level voice recognition anyway.