Couple of questions about rxTools and EmuNAND

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    So recently I downgraded my 3DS to 9.2 using the SafeSysUpdater. Went through like a breeze after 50 times trying. However, being new to all of this, I'm certain that I'm missing a lot. Also, considering that my internet availability is very slim and I'm using my phone's data for most of my research, I'm a bit limited. I need someone to point me in the right direction.
    I just created an EmuNAND and installed rxTools CFW, but it seems I can only boot into it through the browser...which is terrible considering my internet situation. I need to be able to boot into EmuNAND offline somehow. So I recently set up CtrBootManager in hopes that I'd be able to do just that..however.. Booting rxTools this way isn't working, it keeps saying "INSTALLATION FAILED" and "Failed to load NATIVE_FIRM: 4 Reboot rxTools and try again."
    THIS CONFUSES ME! I was under the impression that rxTools was already installed, as I have already accessed rxTools through the browser. I'm not sure what I need to do :'(
    Anyway, when I did have rxTools up and running I injected FBI into the H&S app for both EmuNAND and SysNAND. I then noticed that the FBI version that was injected is quite older than the latest version. Is there any way to update that one? Also I installed some CIAs, but each time I boot back into EmuNAND I have to unwrap them all again.

    BTW, I'm using the latest rxTools nightly on O3DS.
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