Couple of questions about Gateway

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    I just set up and briefly tried out my new Gateway. Impressed with it so far.

    Just a couple of questions:

    - My 3DS XL is on Firmware 4.3.0U. I'd like to play my retail copy of Fire Emblem: Awakening on it, but that requires Firmware 4.4.0U, and I've already installed the Gateway exploit. Could I use my retail copy of Shin Megami Tensei IV to update the Firmware to 4.5.0U?

    - Will eShop / pre-installed 3DS games and apps work in Gateway mode?

    - When I want to change the game on my micro sd card, do I just reformat the card?

    - Can I remove the exploit from my 3DS completely if I want, and leave no trace of it being there?

    Thanks for any answers.

    EDIT: Technically that's more than a couple of questions... Oops.
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    1. You don't need to update to 4.5, 4.3 is just fine
    2. Yes
    3. You should reformat the sd card with Panasonic SD Formatter and then write another ROM on it
    4. As soon as you enter the DS mode the exploit is gone, leaving no trace of it being there (I don't know if Nintendo could see it in the log though)
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    Sandy Eggo
    To clarify Michi's post, yes, you can use Shin Megami Tensei IV to update to 4.5 (that's how I did it), but I don't think it's necessary. It might be with Gateway 2.0, though. Who knows.

    Also, in regards to leaving no trace: it's entirely possible that Nintendo can log all of the ROMs' unique IDs (if those exist, they probably do) in future firmwares and compare that your activity log. However, even if they were to find a match, that doesn't necessarily mean any actions will be done to your eShop account or console. I'm pretty much just naming a worst case scenario for the sake of it.
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    (Currently) If you wanted to play a retail cart that requires a higher firmware than you have installed, you will be required to update to at least the firmware version that is on the cart in order for the game to launch on your 3DS. So in this case, yes, you can update your 3DS to v4.5 to be able to play retail FE:A on it. If you wanted to stay on 4.3 though, you can. You'll just have to download FE:A and use the Gateway's firmware spoofing feature to get around the firmware requirement. Same for any game who's retail cart requires an update to a firmware version >4.3.
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    Oct 30, 2013
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    i don't want to open a new thread so i'd like to ask a question as well.

    Can i play on my pal 3ds original games from the us on my 3ds as soon as i enter the gateway mode?

    Just want to make sure, because the regio lock is the only thing that buggers me
  6. MichiS97

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    Yes you can :)

    EDIT: Sorry I missed the word "original" in your post :D You cannot play original games you bought from another region YET
  7. Arnold0

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    Nope. You can't play "original" (retail) games but you can play the roms
  8. burboss

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    Aug 24, 2013

    you can change the game WITHOUT format/reformat the microsd

    many people tell me "you must use sdformatter"

    with easeus pm i format my fantastic BRST microsd (class 2, write speed is about 1/1,5 MB/s), with the EXT3 filesystem, and write immediately the *.3ds game WITHOUT reformat in the fat32 FS

    the gateway work perfectly
  9. Magus


    Oct 26, 2002
    hello! i'm going to piggyback this thread for my own gateway question... is the price still 80$? is it easily avaiable to find or is it somewhat rare? what is the best way to get a 4.x 3ds?
  10. lukands

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    Prices on the gateway vary a little bit, every reseller puts there own price on it. Check the official reseller list on their website.
    Some stores would still sell them.