Could this psp 1k be fixed by pandora?

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    Hey, I came across an ad for a PSP on my local craigslist for a seemingly bricked PSP 1k. I was going to go for a hackable 2000 (for the extra RAM) but if I can snag this for ubercheap (he said he'll literally take any offer) I might just go for it instead. However, i'm wondering about the severity of its brick (the reason it's so cheap) though I think it might actually be hardware damage, in which case it would be useless.


    I have a PSP (1001 version) with a 4 gb memory stick for sale. It is modded, has wifi, and the power cord. Has a couple dings. Here's the problem: when I bought it off a friend, it was working just fine, I was playing madden nfl 2011. I turned it off while it was loading and now it doesnt turn on. The power light comes on for about ten seconds then goes off, but nothing shows up on the screen. the screen does have a crack at the bottom(about 1/4 of an inch, not really bad but it is cracked) It was playing just fine until that happened. I don't know what's wrong with it nor do I care. I'm selling it no more than $30 bucks. Give me an offer and it's yours.

    I'm wondering about the "crack" in the screen - do any of you guys know if a crack in this area could actually screw up the hardware? or is it just a standard brick fixable by pandora? Thanks guys. Hopefully dad will realize that I'd be spending so little cash that I can get it right away. Hell - if he IS taking any offer then I might even get it just for the 4g memstick!

    Again, thanks in advance, temp.
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    Sounds like a brick to me. If it's a software issue (which it sounds like) then yes, Pandora can be used to boot an MMS and install some firmware.

    The crack is probably the outer shell (not the screen itself), which can be replaced for a few bucks off of dealextreme or whatever, but you'll want to look at it to make sure that it's not the actual screen (beneath the plastic window) that's cracked.
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    You're really going to chance this just to save a few bucks? You're going to trust that a guy on Craigslist is being completely truthful and candid. You're going to believe his story about "I was just playing it one day and then it stopped working! I don't know what happened H-O-N-E-S-T" You're going to actually exchange money for a very outdated piece of hardware that you already know to be broken. And this really presents such a conundrum to your brain that you had to run here to ask for advice.

    I say you should do it. Call him fast before somebody else beats you to it.
  4. xist


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    I'm actually going to disagree with the above statements a little...

    There's as much chance of this being hardware as software, meaning that a Pandora fix may not be the solution you're looking for.
  5. Coto


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    Go for it!

    I´ve bought a "dead" DS lite white polar before, for like $25 bucks it wouldn´t turn on. The owner said it "could start 1 second, then the lower screen would blink and turn off".

    I had another DS with a semi-dead motherboard (one I used for testing purposes) so I gave it a go and bought it.

    The dead DS lite white polar happened to have its upper screen ribbon damaged. I replaced the screen and fuck yeah, we´ve got a cheap DS lite.

    So yeah, if the device starts, you have high chances of fixing it.

    Same story with a $6 PS1 ONE.
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    From the seller...

    So if he does spend $25 or so on it, he's still getting a 4GB memory stick, and even if it's a motherboard issue with the PSP he's still got it for parts.