corrupt save files

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    yesterday When i turned on my ds and starte up ryusei no rockman the sav got corrupted and was gone. so I charged for two hours. then I played Lego star wars two and it saved regular . Then today I Started it and said the save files was corrupt. Whats happening. Please help [​IMG]
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    I think your battery is out of power :(
    My G6 (first version, not Lite) has the same problem. first they were corrupted, and now they don't save at all.

    Unfortunately, the battery is soldered into the G6 first gen, it's not easy to replace. :'(
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    Hmmm.. having similar problems here...
    Spectrobes save seems to get repeatedly corrupted, plus I had a similar problem with Castlevania
    I figured it was down to low battery inside my G6lite, because the other games on the cart would work but would not update save info.
    Then the last NDS game on my menu list... just dissappeared.. along with ALL my GBA games.

    I charged the G6lite cart for a number of hours and the saves started to work again.
    Now, a few days later.. I am having the same problem with corrupted saves again.

    Weird thing is it seems to effect things at the end of the menu list first.
    Anyone have any advice? Or is this just a case of cheap sh*tty battery screwing up the whole system?
    Any help/advice appreciated!
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    If the battery dies, you can still save by soft resetting back to the G6 menu before you turn off the power. That said, these problems don't sound like they are caused by the battery to me. If the SRAM loses power, all the data in it is lost, so the next time you start up the system it won't back up the save. This should leave the previous save (if one exists) intact and uncorrupted.

    If you think the battery is the problem, you should contact the G6 team and ask for a replacement. Quite a while back, someone said that the G6 team sent them 3 batteries when they did that.

    If files are dissappearing from the G6, something is wrong with the flash memory, or its formatting or file table. In this case you should back up any saves that are still on the cart, run the maintenance utility, then format the cart as FAT (not FAT32).

    You can get the maintenance utility from the G6 download site.