Corrupt GBA ROM?

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    Jun 5, 2009
    I got a legit Final Fantasy V Cart a few hours ago and was having fun with it and then I suddenly thought of testing YSMenu and DSision if they will recognize the cart. So I started YSMenu and loaded the cart and it recognized the cart (the game started) and quickly shut down my DS as soon the GameBoy screen popped up. Then I started DSision 1 and pressed the GBA logo, it started and shut off as soon the Gameboy logo finished twinkling. Now I really wanted to play so I removed my Slot 1 cart and directly started the game at the menu. It came past GameBoy logo but it in white screen. So I started my DS again with my Slot-1 card and ran the cart there. Still no luck. Then I used YSMenu and DSision again. Still nothing. Opened the cart, no problems with it. Tried cleaning both the DS and the cart, nothing. So I used the GBA Backup tool, dumped the game and started it using Visual Boy Advance. It won't load. Corrupted. Anyway to fix this? If you didn't read what the cart was it's a Final Fantasy V Advance... and it's original. It was a better deal than Pokemanz :S. I'll ask my parents if we can go back to where I bought it so we can get it replaced (but I think for a small price, I opened it :S, with a triwing, not brute force). Also I won't play from an emulator. IT doesn't feel right.
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    Are you sure you dumped the rom image and not the save file?

    If you tried to load a bad (or patched version) save to real game it would screw up, fix would be to disconnect a connection in the battery (the one on the PCB of the gba game) to erase the save data or try load a working save to the real game and hope to fix the problem you got.

    Most GBA games with what is called "backup memory" requirements can't be run through most slot1 loaders that puts a frame around the gba screen on the DS in the clean rom state. Almost every RPG, tactic type with large inventories of items uses "backup memory."
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