Copying a save file from a non-CFW 3ds to a CFW 3DS

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    I've been trying to figure this out for a few weeks now, and can't as of yet find a solution.

    I have a save file on my non-CFW 3DS that I'd really like to copy to my new 3DS which is CFW. I was hoping there would be some reading I could do on this subject matter, but many google searches have turned up nothing satisfactory.

    The game does support nintendo's save backup process, the one where you drag the triangle to the right to create a save backup.

    Are there any tips, using either homebrew or even official channels, to copy the save file to the new 3DS. I'd like to keep a copy of the save file on the non-CFW 3DS if at all possible.

    Thanks a lot.

    Though it erks me when people say this, I'm not sure if I've put this in the right section. I find the website's design a bit confusing. That being said, please move it if there's a more appropriate section I overlooked. I did look at all categories!

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    I do not know if/how you can transfer the save file using official means, other than doing a system transfer.

    If you have access to homebrew on the non-CFW 3DS, use JKSM to backup the save file, and then use JKSM on the CFW 3DS to restore the save file.
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